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The feedback area is maintained completely by our customers.  We do not edit or delete posts by our customers.  This means, good or bad, what our customers feel about us and their sign, decal, graphic, or lettering can be found here.  After our customers receive their order, a link is e-mailed to them so they can give us some feedback and, if they want, upload a picture of their decal, sign, lettering, or striping into the feedback area.  We've notice a propensity of our customers to upload pictures of their car, truck, suv, motorcycle into the feedback area - which just happens to have a picture of something we've done.  

Yes, people love show off their vehicles.  We're glad to help.  This means the feedback area seems to favor our automotive work like windshield lettering, vehicle decals, and hood and side stripes.  However, our mainstay will always be signs such as magnetic signs, yard signs, business lettering, and, well really, signs of all kinds.  If you're a potential sign customer, it may take a little digging, but you'll also find dozens of customer feedback comments and pictures in this area.

We love to check out our feedback!  This has been a strong motivation to keep up the quality of our service and product.  We never know what is going to be posted - gulp!  Is our feedback perfect?  Close, but not quite.  With tens of thousands of customers, things happen or sometimes some folks can't be satisfied no matter what we do.  Why have an unedited live feedback area?  First, for us, it has been informative.  Some feedbacks have had good suggestions for improvement.  Second, this area is also for our potential customers.  We hope the feedback area can give them a good feel as to what to expect in service and quality.  And we hope it is just the encouragement needed to try us out!  But, finally, good feedback, just makes us feel good.  Every employee daily checks out this feedback area to see what's new.  What has it been today?  Keep reading for and  and customer feedback.

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ordered my son's name for his go-kart. came out perfectly. easy to apply with the included plastic device. would definitely buy again....

  A+ Praise Posted:  09-22-2012

James Pennington

Good work, it turned out just the way I wanted it. Very fast shipping and I will send a picture when it is on my truck. Thanks for your help with layout!...

  A+ Praise Posted:  09-22-2012

Chris Patterson

My father never named his boat so when he gave it to me I named it after my mother. A sweet companion to my father for 57 years and part of the reason I am who I am. Sweet Laurene!...

  A+ Praise Posted:  09-21-2012

Sweet Laurene


Very nice decals and super fast delivery, Thanks....

  A+ Praise Posted:  09-21-2012

German Marasigan

Thank you for a very fast delivery of the decal i ordered from you guys :) . My 2 orders were combined into one shipping , but i never got refunded for the shipping costs that i payed for the other one . Is there any good reason for this ?? ...

  B- Neutral Posted:  09-20-2012

Christian Escobar

The decal size, shape, and color is as expected and desired! This is my second order from you guys and I'm satisfied with the results, just as I was with the first. ...

  A+ Praise Posted:  09-20-2012

Amanda Schmidt

Thank you so much! as soon as i got home, i peeled off the the cheap company-supplied signs and put on my new ones! I think they look awesome. And it was very fast from order to delivery. I'm sure I'll be asked about them and i will recommend sign specialist! Thanks Guys and Gals!! Amanda Schmidt...

  A+ Praise Posted:  09-20-2012

my new signs

Ernie Schaal

It looks good, but I would have liked the pattern to be more white than grey since it is snow camo. Other than that, I have no complaints. Good service, good product just wish it were a bit lighter....

  A+ Praise Posted:  09-20-2012

Kerry Case

Very satisfied and will be ordering more....

  A+ Praise Posted:  09-20-2012

Travis Kelly

Ordered a set of 2 decals, and only received one. Can't really say that the order was as expected, but at least the people we spoke to were nice. Supposed to be sending the other one soon....

  A+ Praise Posted:  09-20-2012

Matthew Baumgartner

This decal looks absolutely amazing!! I really love you guys and the excellent customer service, you really do try to go the extra mile for your customers. I will defiantly be referring you to all my friends and family, I even already published you on Facebook!...

  A+ Praise Posted:  09-20-2012

Philip Levatino

Although the sign came out nicely I do need to comment about your website and the ability to add a background color so you can see how the sign will look on your boat. The background on the actual sign is NOT see through. If it were clear this option would make sense. So why would you have that option on your website? I did not want a big white sticker on my boat and essentially that is what this is. Had I known you would need be able to see thru the sign I would not have ordered it....

  B- Neutral Posted:  09-20-2012

Sylvia Gutierrez

The letters were great and look extremely nice on my husbands boat. I will try to get you a picture. Your service is very prompt as well. I will defininitely recommend you.....Thanks alot....

  A+ Praise Posted:  09-18-2012

Dana Jasper

We got just what we expected. Sharp clear lettering, good color, easy to install. Thank you so much. Our new Sea Doo's look great....

  A+ Praise Posted:  09-13-2012

thomas ferrara

Came out great!! Has a few minor bubbles due to install but looks good. Can't attach photo......

  A+ Praise Posted:  09-12-2012

Corena Stern

The order came in the wrong color, my fault, but you fixed it anyway and sent me a new one! Thank you so much!...

  A+ Praise Posted:  09-11-2012

Jeff Grigg

This is my 3rd order and all three were exactly what I wanted. Great quality, quick shipping and best of all GREAT pricing. I won't even have the local guys quote any more. The online ordering and preview make the procedure exact and easy....

  A+ Praise Posted:  09-10-2012

Aircraft name Maddy J


We had decals made for our boat numbers. They were made quickly, affordable and awesome. Thanks...

  A+ Praise Posted:  09-10-2012

W. Cates

The Colorado "Z85" decal is exceptional quality. It looks great on the truck....

  A+ Praise Posted:  09-10-2012

Kyle Booker

My boat registration number decals turned out great. The installation was really easy. Thanks for the awesome product!...

  A+ Praise Posted:  09-10-2012

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