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The feedback area is maintained completely by our customers.  We do not edit or delete posts by our customers.  This means, good or bad, what our customers feel about us and their sign, decal, graphic, or lettering can be found here.  After our customers receive their order, a link is e-mailed to them so they can give us some feedback and, if they want, upload a picture of their decal, sign, lettering, or striping into the feedback area.  We've notice a propensity of our customers to upload pictures of their car, truck, suv, motorcycle into the feedback area - which just happens to have a picture of something we've done.  

Yes, people love show off their vehicles.  We're glad to help.  This means the feedback area seems to favor our automotive work like windshield lettering, vehicle decals, and hood and side stripes.  However, our mainstay will always be signs such as magnetic signs, yard signs, business lettering, and, well really, signs of all kinds.  If you're a potential sign customer, it may take a little digging, but you'll also find dozens of customer feedback comments and pictures in this area.

We love to check out our feedback!  This has been a strong motivation to keep up the quality of our service and product.  We never know what is going to be posted - gulp!  Is our feedback perfect?  Close, but not quite.  With tens of thousands of customers, things happen or sometimes some folks can't be satisfied no matter what we do.  Why have an unedited live feedback area?  First, for us, it has been informative.  Some feedbacks have had good suggestions for improvement.  Second, this area is also for our potential customers.  We hope the feedback area can give them a good feel as to what to expect in service and quality.  And we hope it is just the encouragement needed to try us out!  But, finally, good feedback, just makes us feel good.  Every employee daily checks out this feedback area to see what's new.  What has it been today?  Keep reading for and  and customer feedback.

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Scott Eshleman

I received my boat registration numbers today. Thanks for the prompt shipping. The numbers look very nice, and went on easily, thanks to your Video instructions and install spray kit....

  A+ Praise Posted:  04-04-2013


I ordered new registration letters for my boat. The ones I ordered arrived quickly and look great on my boat. Thank you very much!...

  A+ Praise Posted:  04-04-2013

T.W. Anderson

Love your decals. Great quality, perfect spacing and outlining. I didn't get an instruction sheet with mine but figured it out. Ordered a double set. Boat is in the shop yet so transom application will have to wait. But here's the Generator Container that will sit on the swim deck blocking the view of the transom most of the time. So we put the boat name on it as well....

  A+ Praise Posted:  04-04-2013

Boat name on Generator Container

chris b

looks great,thank you product got here extreamly fast....

  A+ Praise Posted:  04-02-2013

Michael Pelton

I get raves all of the time for the lettering on the front of my truck. I always recommend Signspecialist for all truck lettering and decals....

  A+ Praise Posted:  04-01-2013

Front of truck

Myriad construction

Helpful staff configured to accommodate existing measurements . ...

  A+ Praise Posted:  03-31-2013

business sign

Myriad construction

Great product, Installation kit was very helpful....

  A+ Praise Posted:  03-31-2013

business sign

Jay Harris

You guys are great,fast service and great prices and really wonderful quality.You have been a life saver and i have my friends now using you as well.....Thanks again,"Speedway J"...

  A+ Praise Posted:  03-31-2013

two race cars

Brad Wardlaw

I contacted Signspecialist and asked them was there anyway I could get a precise color chart, they actually sent me small pieces of the product that the letters would be made from which made my decision so much easier. My order was filled and delivered in 2 days. ( outstanding customer service) I am completely satisfied with the lettering and with the ease of installation also. (Just take your time, check your measurements and follow the instructions and most anyone can install their products) The lettering looks great and is definitely a quality product. Thank You Signspecialist !!!!...

  A+ Praise Posted:  03-27-2013


looks outstanding. couldnt be happier. Thank you...

  A+ Praise Posted:  03-26-2013

Bart Beers

Worked Great, Looks Great!!...

  A+ Praise Posted:  03-23-2013

Brice Aguilar

Put my CF numbers on my jet ski and they look awesome!...

  A+ Praise Posted:  03-22-2013


I Have made two purchases from Both were decals for my Jeep and for a friends Jeep. It has been roughly a year since I installed the first set. They look as good today as they did when I bought them. Every step of the process was great! ...

  A+ Praise Posted:  03-09-2013


As usual, you guy's continue to out due yourselves! Thank you for all you do to produce a GREAT product....

  A+ Praise Posted:  01-29-2013

Jordan Craighead

Excellent product and customer support...

  A+ Praise Posted:  01-29-2013

RN Superjet

Danny Clayton

The decals were awesome and very good quality. I plan to order another set soon. It fast delivery and looks great. I will be ordering more from you in the future. Keep up the great work and quality. ...

  A+ Praise Posted:  12-21-2012

Capt. Ron Fortucci

I am very pleased with my order from you. Customer service was great!..I needed to change the size of letters and colors from the standard choices....the lettering was exactly the size I needed, color (with 2nd outline color)was perfect, and excellent quality. I received the order within a week, (needed for a Christmas present) and with your instructions, it was very easy to apply. My customer was happy, so I am happy! Will definately order from you again! Merry Christmas! thanks...

  A+ Praise Posted:  12-18-2012

1/2 Hull model of J80 boat


Decals were exactly as described and needed. Thank you for the great service. I would definitely use you again....

  A+ Praise Posted:  12-12-2012


Exceletnt and fast service. I have not applied them yet. when I do I will send a photo. Just wanted to let everyone out there know this is a great site that delivers what is asked of them....

  A+ Praise Posted:  12-11-2012


I've ordered three times from SignSpecialist over the past year for lettering for bicycle frames. Being able to select a font and see the results made all the difference. The decals arrived quickly and were fairly easy to apply with the provided directions....

  A+ Praise Posted:  12-11-2012

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