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“The quality of your product and speed of production and shipping is why I keep re-ordering.
One small thing. I had an order shipped to me on or about Nov 6 2013. The signs included "Five Cities" and a "FIRE' sign all in red reflective letters with gold trim. The letters/signs I used were issues at all.
However, I recently decided to order a few lettered signs to match and/or augment the letters I didn't use from the previous order.
I found the original invoice and placed the order for additional, new signs..order #60755. My customer # is 52317, PH Klein.
The new letters showed up and were great. However, the gold edge around the existing letters didn't seem to match. I peeled the cover paper back a little and noticed there was a slight color difference in the gold trim color. I understand there was a time lag between orders, but I was a little disappointed the match isn't better. I have not closely examined the reds to see if they are identical but the gold is not. The difference is subtle, but it may cause me to rethink potential lettering combinations.
This feedback is intended soley for in-house information. I do not want this to be posted as a potential negative comment about you, your products and operation which I think are first rate...that is why I ordered additional letters already.
I just wanted to let you know about the slight mismatch even though I used the invoice from a previous order to be sure I ordered identical items. Use the information as you will.
Thank you for your time and effort.

I'm not sure if I checked, but I am interested in a sign composed of reflective letters on a reflective you have such a product. I would like to have a 2" x 3.5" white reflective background with blue reflective lettering (about 1.5") to read PIO. It would be place on my firefighter's helmet and everyone is bug on everything being reflective, not just the letters but background as well? It isn't a request for order at this point, just a product inquiry. Thank you for your time.

Feedback From 06-23-2014.

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