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How did NICOLE COY feel about the decal, signs, lettering, or graphics from,, or  The following is what NICOLE COY posted:

“I was super impressed by! My husband owns a 1999 Dodge Ram pick-up truck and to say the least it is his pide and joy. He is starting to "pimp his ride" so to say and has wanted decals. I am a person that does Christmas shopping early so I started serching around for presents. I came upon this site and "wow". I ordered him 2 decals for the back of his Dodge and loved the idea of personalizing it! I love the decals and the customer service was top notch!!!!! I have given the web-site out to many people and have plans to order more once I have given my husband his for Christmas! His decal is so much better than a plain jane Dodge Ram head. It now has his name above it and reads "Jeremy's Dodge" instead of just "Dodge". I love them and can't wait to give them to him and tell him about this site!!!!!! are the best!!!!!!!! I highly recommend them to everyone looking for that unique decal!!!!!!!!!!! The prices are priced right as well and the shipping was done super fast!!!!!”

Feedback From 08-30-2005.

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