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Frequently Asked Questions
How do you match your graphics to my ride?
First, we can use our digital auto library that has 1,000's of cars, trucks, and SUVs in it to scale.  Better yet, if you email us a side view of your ride (with fender well to fender well measurements) we can exactly match our graphics to your ride.  To learn more click here.
Since some cars are bigger than others, will the cost vary for a specific graphic from car to car?
No.  We charge the same, even if the graphic needs to be bigger (or smaller) to match your ride.  You are really paying for the design, labor, and material when you order graphics.  The material size, then, is just one of the cost we consider when pricing our graphics.  Plus, by having a set price for a graphic (even though the size varies from car to car) there is no worry on our part of constantly figuring individual graphics.  We can instead concentrate on what looks good on your ride. 
How do I know what looks good on my ride?
If you just order a graphic, you're leaving it up to us.  Now that's not a bad thing.  We think we've got pretty good taste.   But, if you really want to be sure you'll like the graphics we design for your ride: order a rendering first.
What do I get when I order a rendering?
If you order a rendering of 4 different graphics, we will email you 4 pictures of your ride  with the 4 graphics rendered on your ride.
If your order a rendering of just one graphic, we will email you 4 options  for you to pick from (4 renderings of the same graphic).
Then later, when you order your graphic, you can simply let us know which option/rendering you liked best.
How do I know the color I picked will match (say the red in my wheels)?
This can be a problem when the graphic color has to match another part of the car.  Monitors vary greatly.  What looks like red on one monitor can look like maroon on another.  The answer:  we can mail you color samples of the exact colors.  Just email us your mailing address with the request for the colors you're looking for. 
Are the graphics hard to install?
Not really.  Most installations take around 30 minutes. We send you detailed installation instructions (with actual pictures) in a easy to follow "step-by-step" process. We also have Online Instructions   However keep in mind that they only install once.  If you get them crooked, their crooked - if you drop them in the mud, their dropped in the mud.  For some, graphics are hard and scary to apply.  For others, their morning shave stresses them out more.  If you're worried about applying the graphics kit, give us a call and we'll walk you through it.  Or you can get somebody locally to do it for you.  We've found that automotive painters usually find this stuff easy and mindless.  And since it won't require much of their time, they probably won't charge much.
I messed up part of my graphic when I installed them!  What should I do?
Give us a call or email us (888-708-0021 or  It may may be possible to just remake part of the graphic (ex.- say you messed up only on one side, we can just recut you another, at a fraction of the original cost.)
Since I installed the graphics, the girls/guys wont leave me alone.  What should I do?
Pick one, get married and buy a station wagon.  Problem solved!  Until you have kids, they get there first ride with awesome graphics (from us) and the guys/girls won't leave them alone......

Still have a question or two?  Give us a call or email us.  (888-708-0021 or
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