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How did Linda Wallenberg Bragg feel about the decal, signs, lettering, or graphics from,, or  The following is what Linda Wallenberg Bragg posted:

“We love our sign! Robby was so proud to have his "Robby's dirtbike only" sign put up next to Glenn's (or dad's) Harley parking only sign. Robby's was done in "Yamaha colors," and he is really excited about it. I have sent you a picture of the sign in our garage by the others and with Robby and Glenn. We'll certainly take the 10% discount offer up on our second order because now my daughter wants a sign like Robby's in her bedroom. I told her we'd "design" one after I heard from you. Thanks so much for the great customer service and a great product. I'm so glad I just "stumbled" on your site online.

Feedback From 09-19-2005.

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